Kīpaepae as a ceremony is necessary for the introduction and transition into new spaces; it is a physical welcoming of an individual or individuals into a particular space as well as the nurturing of the spiritual transition into new environments and new understandings. The kīpaepae anchors the relationship of the spirit to its new environment. Encoded in the word kīpaepae are the words: kī, which means to direct focused energy; paepae which is to provide sustained support; and pae, which means to reach shore or land. Through this definition of kīpaepae, the individual(s) are recognized for reaching a particular platform and thus are being supported by a community in which all their energies are focused and dedicated to the affirmation of coming ashore, in reaching a newness, and together physically and spiritually being reacquainted to one another, to the environment, to the space, and to the encompassing energies.


  • Taupouri Tangaro - Director
  • Gail Makuakane-Lundin - Director (UHH)
  • Pele Kaio - Committee Chair
  • Noʻel Tagab-Cruz - Co-Chair (HawCC)
  • Kainoa Ariola - Co-Chair (UHH)
  • Kekoa Harman - Co-Chair (UHH)
  • Malu Dudoit - Executive Member (UHH/HawCC)

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